Continued Education CANB

We recognize that professional development provides members with the opportunity to sharpen their skills, learn new techniques, and expand your career. Cosmetologists are always looking for educational classes to keep up with new trends and important industry changes. 

We encourage companies to contact the Association with courses and training being offered whether online or in a classroom setting so that we can share these with our members. 

Please submit a PDF including the following information:
  • Course title
  • Date & time
  • Location
  • Cost 
  • Contact information

Upcoming Education


For those of you who have not had an opportunity in the past to attend the Esthetic International Spa Show, now's your chance! They are going live on October 17th to 20th!
Connect with, learn from, and discuss with other professionals, educators, manufacturers, suppliers, and more.
  • International and Local Exhibitors
  • Connect live with exhibitors during show hours
  • Visit exhibitors virtual booths
  • Shop exhibitors online boutiques
  • 24-hour access to conferences and lectures!
  • Over 20 world-class featured speakers
  • 100s of lectures to choose from
  • Access to virtual platform for 26 days after the show

Access more information and purchase your ticket by clicking the link below.

Leading Canadian Curl Specialist

Trainer Krista Leavitt, dedicated herself to learning how to cut, style, and care for hair to enhance natural waves and curls.
Visit the links below to access her online training sessions. 

Wave and Curl Styling Foundation  (mini-course)  This course will empower you to create your OWN personalized method, choosing from a variety of techniques.

Guide to your Best Waves a step-by-step guide that contains EVERYTHING you need to know about working with your s'wavy and wavy hair.

For more information on upcoming courses, visit

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