Elected Executive Officers of the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick
President - Penny Seelye-Sweet
Past President - Douglas Black
Vice-President - Paul Ouellette (elected Oct 4th, 2020)
Treasurer - Norma Brine
Secretary - Nadia Cormier

Board Members
Kim McEwen
Gisèle Pyne
Colleen Jones McLeod (elected Oct 4th)
Pam Munn (elected Oct 4th)
Samantha Walters (elected Oct 4th)

Examining & Licensing Committee
Colleen Jones-McLeod - Chairperson 
Norma Brine
Randy McKnight
Doug Black
Samantha Walters
Ashley McDavid
Paul Ouellette
Darlene Boudreau-McKay
Pam Munn

Finance Committee
Norma Brine - Chairperson
J. Gaye Cail
Douglas Black

Human Resources and Governance Committee
Gisele Pyne – Chairperson
Penny Seelye-Sweet
Kim McEwen
Colleen Jones-McLeod
Norma Brine

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