Thank you to those members who participated in our very first Virtual AGM on Sunday, October 4th. Overall, the online platform performed well and members responded favourably to accessing the AGM from their homes. As with any new concept, it was a learning curve and we will continue to improve and make any necessary changes for future meetings. It was a wonderful venue and a pleasure.


  • In August, the invitation to participate was sent to all members by mail or email in the fall annual newsletter.
  • Social Media posts were done on a regular basis.
  • Notifications and updates were posted on our website.
  • A final eblast invitation went out on September 11th.
  • 112 registered members. (3 non-members - translator, lawyer, and social media expert)
  • 007% of membership attended the meeting.
  • Students were permitted to join and participate but could not vote.
Virtual Platform:
  • The invitation link included a link for technical support to help members log in. (
  • Registration closed on October 1st at 4:30 p.m., if you did not register you did not receive the required link by email.
  • Issues/concerns can always be sent to the office, it does not have to be only at the AGM
  • Members needed to provide us with current email addresses and cell phone number to stay informed.

Election Results:

Congratulations to our newly elected Board Members!
     Vice-President – Paul Ouellette
     Pam Munn
     Samantha Walters

Congratulations to our Examining & Licensing Committe Members!
     Colleen Jones-McLeod
     Ashley McDavid
     Paul Ouellette
     Darlene Boudreau-McKay
     Pam Munn.
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