April 16, 2021

Introducing our New Member Health Benefits Plan

The Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick has been working on your behalf to develop a new health benefits program designed specifically for our members.

We plan to launch this new plan in June 2021.
To secure this preferred pricing, we need to gauge your level of interest in this new health benefits plan. Based on the number of people who are interested, Individual plans will be as low as $98.35 per month and Family plans will be as low as $230.35 per month. Two plans will be available with either 70% or 80% coinsurance coverage.

This affordable, comprehensive health plan, with no health questions required, is available through one of Canada’s leading health insurance companies, Green Shield Canada, and managed locally by Southport Benefit Solutions.

Please click here to learn more

If you are interested in this new health benefits plan, please send an email saying “yes I am interested” to info@southportasset.com

Thank you,
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