CANB message to members, 

Opportunities New Brunswick has asked that we share this information with you concerning the Self-Employed Lockdown Fund.

Applications to receive funding under this program have been extended to June 15 to allow for newer, self-employed individuals or companies who have become eligible only during the 2021 year to complete their tax returns.
If you were previously eligible based on your 2019 or 2020 taxation period and could have already submitted an application as a result, you are not eligible for the extension.

It is understood that there may be special cases or circumstances and you are encouraged to contact the ONB Business Navigators Team by phone at 1(833) 799- 7966, or via email at for any questions or to begin an application.

To read more from Opportunities New Brunswick, click here: Opportunities NB Deadline Extended

Thank you! CANB TEAM
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